June 5, 2020

A platform to showcase your side projects.

Most developers have their own pet/hobby projects that they are working on during free time. There are different motiviations for creating side projects: Learning new technologies. Contributing...


July 8, 2019

App modularization with RIBs architecture

Every apps are developed following one or some kinds of architectures or design patterns. Choosing an architecture for an app depends on a lot of factors: team size, project size, type of the apps,...


June 12, 2019

Creating the first SwiftUI package.

Swift Package Manager has been first introduced since last WWDC. Unfortunately iOS hasn't been supported, the tooling is not well integrated into Xcode. Everything has changed now after WWDC 2019....


June 11, 2019

MVVM with SwiftUI and Combine

Apple has always advertised MVC as the preferred architecture to develop iOS apps. So the community comes up with different alternative architectures to solve the "big view controllers" problem....


June 10, 2019

Activity Indicator with SwiftUI

It is a declarative way to build up user interfaces for iOS apps. So that developers don't need to decide if they want to build user interfaces using code or storyboard/xib. In combination with the...