An Tran • April 17, 2020


Last year I relaunched my blog as I wanted to start writing more technical articles to share my experiences as an iOS software engineer. I have had so many topics in my head but I didn't have time to finish any meaningful articles in the whole year.

There were a lot of reasons why my plan didn't work out:

At the end of the last year 2019, I have made a big decision since I need some new motivations for both my professional and private life. I quit my job and decided to move from Germany to Singapore. This relocation was mostly because I want to move near to the rest of my family in Vietnam. In addition to that, I and my wife are planning a digital nomad life for our family.

But then Covid-19 pandemic happens. Singapore has been locked down since the middle of March and I can't start my job on time in Singapore since I am not allowed to enter the country. For the positive side of the story, as a jobless person, I now have more time to spend with my family and the kids are happy about that 😄.

This post marks the first day that I've started a new chapter of my life, hopefully with more exciting adventures ahead and with long-lasting positive changes :)

I have also changed my online identity in all social networks and moved my blog to a new domain. From now, I'll use this domain as my main website.

I am very excited about this new beginning and hopefully, I can share more about my journey ahead.

But in the meantime, #StayHome and #BeSafe #CoronaTime