Deploy Jigsaw static site to a server on Digital Ocean.

An Tran • October 3, 2019

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This blog post shows you how to deploy a static site generated by Jigsaw static site generator to your own server on digital ocean.

Jigsaw is a framework for rapidly building static sites using the same modern tooling that powers your web applications. It is written in PHP and has Blade templating which can also be found in the popular Laravel framework.

Create a new Droplet

Follow this tutorial to create a new droplet. I choosed Ubuntu 18.04 as my operating system for the Droplet but it should work also with all distributions.

Add domains

Follow this tutorial to add your own domains to the droplet.

Basic setup

Follow this tutorial to have intitial setup for the newly created droplet.

Setup nginx

Follow this tutorial to install nginx.

Setup SSL

It's 2019 and it is good practice to have SSL enabled on every site you create. Let's encrypt is free SSL service to protect your site with SSLs and it is very easy to setup. Follow this tutorial to setup Lets Encrypt SSL for your site and make it autorenewed in the future.

Setup git deployment

Follow this tutorial to setup git deployment.

Setup Jigsaw

Follow this tutorial to install Jigsaw locally on your computer.

Deploy Jigsaw

Follow this tutorial to deploy your blogs using git command.