Visiting WeAreDevelopers World Congress 2019

An Tran • June 7, 2019


I have just spent my last 2 days in beautiful Berlin at WeAreDevelopers World Congress 2019. I really don't know what the real difference between a conference and a congress. But this event is generally not so different than many other conferences in term of organization. There were some tracks which take place in parallel. There were keynotes, parties, goodies and all kind of those kinds of stuff. But the main difference for me is the number of people joining this event. Organizers reported that there are 10.000 developers joining the event. I can't really count how many but there were really thousands of them. The topics are also very diversified. You can take a look at the agenda on their websites:

The main reason that I even skipped the 2nd birthday of my son and joining this event is that I want to see how 10.000 developers interact with each other in such of an event. I also want to advertise the company that I'm working for to that large developer audience.

So these are some of my impressions of the event:


I would recommend other developers to join this kind of event at least once to have a feeling how it looks like to be with 9999 other developers at the same place. You'll have great opportunities to meet and connect with interesting people as well as explore many companies with a lot of job offerings that might suit your next career steps.