Mastering iOS Simulator Control - Setting A Location Or Route

August 15, 20231 min read#ios, #simulator, #simrecorder, #swift

In this post, I will show you how to simulator Location Or Route in a Simulator. This feature is extremely useful for location-based application.

Use predfined Apple location

iOS Simulators has a setting to set the current location to Apple HQ.

iOS Simulator apple location

Use a custom location

Alternatively, you can set a custom longitude, latitude value to simulate any location.

The screenshot below simulate a location in Singapore.

iOS Simulator custom location

Use predefined route

This feature is useful for application that need to update location info continuously, such as a navigation app

You can use one of the following present route from the Features menu:

  • City Bicycle Ride
  • City Run
  • Freeway Drive

iOS Simulator route

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