How to get started with Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile on a M1 Macbook?

January 15, 20221 min read#iOS, #Swift, #Android, #Kotlin, #KMM, #M1

I have blogged about Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile in my previous blog post, which mainly focuses on setting up Java environment to run popular KMM templates.

Unfortunately, I have been quite busy after that blog post and couldn’t learn much about KMM.

I have just restarted my learning process and have to setup environment for my new M1 Max Macbook Pro.

I followed the exellent tutorial from Kotlin official website to get started. But the generated project didn’t compile immediately for me.

I have to adjust the following configurations:

  • Search for iosSimulatorArm64Main in build.gradle.kts for the shared framework and uncomment all of the occurrences
  • If you get error that Xcode can’t find JAVA runtime, you can update the custom Run script in the iOS project to fix that issue


Hope the short blog can help you to compile the KMM project generated by Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile plugin from Android Studio.

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