Starting a technical blog in 2021 - Minimal starter package (Part 4)

April 14, 2021 • 3 min read • #react, #gatsby, #blogging

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In the last article in the series, I have introduced you to my minimal blogging setup using Gatsby and Github Pages:

  • Using Gatsbyjs as a static site generator, we can easily create a static site for our Markdown content. The generated site is highly customizable, easily extensible, and fast.

  • Using Github Pages, we can host the generated site for FREE on Github infrastructure.

  • Using Github Actions automation, we can deploy our site automatically from Github. With Renovate bot integration, we keep dependencies up-to-date automatically as well.

In this article, I’ll introduce you to the gatsby-minimal-simple-blog package, which is the bare-bone package containing all customizations I have for my blog.

What is a starter library?

A starter library is a basic boilerplate package to kick start a Gatsby project.

When you first install Gatsbyjs, you normally install the gatsby-blog-starter to have a bare-bone template for your project.

There are many other starter libaries available, containing different sets of customizations, and suitable for different purposes.

To enable other people to be able to create a similar blogging site as mine, I have extracted all customizations I have for my blog into the gatsby-minimal-simple-blog package. Everyone can easily use this library to kick off a new project with this template. This starter ships with all customizations I have for my blog.

What included?

  • Blazing fast, minimal template
  • Design inspired by
  • Support for an RSS feed
  • Automatic optimization of images in Markdown posts
  • Support for code syntax highlighting
  • Includes plugins for easy, beautiful typography
  • Includes React Helmet to allow editing site meta tags
  • Includes plugins for offline support out of the box
  • Table of content

How to use?

Just follow the in the project repository.

Future development

I want to keep this starter as minimal as possible. But if you have any ideas to improve the template, feel free to open issues, pull requests at the repository.

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