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June 05, 20203 min read#swiftui, #combine, #architecture, #swift-composable-architecture



Most developers have their own pet/hobby projects that they are working on during free time. There are different motiviations for creating side projects:

  • Learning new technologies.
  • Contributing to open source community.
  • Solving their own problems, both personally or professtionally.
  • Earning extra money.
  • Going full indie mode.
  • etc…

I’m also working on a lot of side projects for different purposes. But one thing that I have in common for most of my side projects is that I lost interest and motiviations fast after the starting phase or after solving big technically challenges, or because I have another more interesting projects. I can see the problem is that I mostly work alone on such projects. There are almost no interactions with outside world because of different reasons. I wish I could be able to find like-mind people to share about my projects in such early phases.

Then I find this twitter thread. People are working on so many intersting projects/products. And by sharing them with other fellow developers, the chance to find people who are intrested in your projects (either technically or because of the products) is a lot higher. You’ll be able to get more feedbacks about your projects or find early adopting users from a such platform.


From this observation, I can see a need for a platform to discuss about such preproduction-ready projects. My idea is a platform that you can use to discuss about your projects in very early phases. This is something that you want to use during the development phases for your projects. And when you finish them, you can submit your project to other platforms such as Hacker News or Product Hunt. With a community-oriented approach in mind, I’d like to opensource both the database & the clients for this platforms.

I’ve spent the last few days to hack together a MVP. It is an iOS app written in SwiftUI. The database is a git repository hosted publicily on GitHub. With this approach we can easily crowdsource the data for the database and we can also create different clients for other platforms easily.


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  • If you want to contribute to this project, feel free to contact me on twitter.
  • The iOS app is built using SwiftUI + Combine + The Composable Architecture + Git Backend and hosted in GitHub.
  • Content is hosted in GitHub
  • A testflight version is avaiable here.
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